Fitness Leader, Ayla Goodson Shares Her Diabetes Story!

In March 2008, Ayla Goodson was expecting to enjoy some downtime with loved ones during Spring break. Instead, she received the unexpected news that she had Type 1 diabetes, which came as a complete shock to her and her relatives as there’s no history of the condition in Goodson’s family.

At the time, Goodson was a College student in Baton Rouge, LA, gearing up for a cheerleader competition. Weeks before, she was experiencing some unusual symptoms and spoke to her mother on the phone about it, saying “something isn’t right.”  Goodson had finished a 24-case pack of water by herself in just two days, was urinating frequently, and experiencing extreme fatigue. Her mother suggested she make a doctor’s appointment back home in Alabama during Spring break. 

On the day of the cheerleading competition, Goodson found herself drinking copious amounts of water and iced tea before even leaving the parking lot. She spoke to her Assistant Coach and her coach said, “You may have diabetes.” Goodson’s response in her naivety at the time was, “Girl, that’s for fat old people!”

After the competition, the team members went out to eat. “I had a whole sweet apple pie pizza from Cicis and everything was blurry. I didn’t know I was literally losing my vision,” said Goodson. 

Days later, Goodson was back home in Alabama, watching her cousin, a newborn. “I was giving him a bath in the sink and began to slowly feel myself blacking out. I had enough energy to get the baby out of the sink and dry him down. Luckily, he slept the entire day because I couldn’t move,” said Goodson.   That defining moment was enough for Goodson to make a doctor’s appointment for the very next day. “The nurse gave me the stick test and it (the levels) was so high, it was over 1,000. I needed insulin immediately. I was hysterical,” Goodson says recollecting her moments of diagnosis.

Today, life looks a lot different for Goodson who now owns her own pole fitness studio in Alabama called Gemini Studios. She handles group therapy with kids at a detention center and is also a life coach. “I do a little bit of everything that’s under the health wellness umbrella,” Goodson said with a smile. You can find Ayla on social media posting her fitness and inspirational travel experiences, living her best life. Follow her on Instagram @aylagoodson

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